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Supplier General Terms and Conditions (07/08/13)

We at Precise Industries value the relationship that we have established with our Suppliers. In order to ensure the quality of the products and services provided, and as part of the Purchase Order issued to you from Precise Industries, the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. The supplier shall maintain a quality system adequate to insure that products and/or services will meet all specified requirements.
  2. Suppliers shall provide a Test Report or Certificate of Compliance verifying that the order meets all referenced standards as well as applicable commercial or military standards.
  3. Suppliers agree to notify Precise Industries of changes in product or process that could impact this order and any significant changes to the Supplier’s facilities or organization.
  4. Suppliers shall not subcontract any part of the order without the knowledge and approval of the Buyer. Supplier will flow down applicable order requirements to any approved subcontractors.
  • Supplier must notify Precise Industries of any non-conforming material.
  • Any non-conformances found by Precise Industries will have a Corrective Action Report issued to you. CARS are to be answered in writing within 30 days and prior to payment.
  • Suppliers are responsible for all costs associated with non-conformances.
  1. Any Source inspection shall not preclude subsequent rejection by Precise.
  2. Precise Industries will have the right of access to non-proprietary records which are related to the processing of Precise Industries order.
  3. Records of manufacturer, service and verifications shall be maintained as applicable.
  4. The above requirements shall be flowed down to subcontractors as applicable.
  5. Suppliers shall periodically review the above Terms and Conditions as these may be modified without additional notification.

Thank you,

Quality Control

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Doc# 118 Updated 07/22/13