precise industries equipment

How We Make with Precision Equipment What Our Customers Envision

Precise Industries Inc. is a leading precision sheet metal fabricator and machine shop of a variety of products.

Large and small runs for your precision Sheet Metal or Machining needs . This is why they send their designs for custom items to Precise Industries. Our team and equipment following quality control processes delivers parts to our customers that meet their every requirement.

Precision objects typically pass through several specialized machines to be finished. These may include a milling machine, lathe, stamp press, shear or press-brake. The Precise Industries shop includes quality processes, workflow programs and inspection equipment to deliver precision crafted objects with our machining and sheet metal equipment

Workflow and Process Programs

  • Solidworks - 3D CAD software
  • Fabriwin - CAD/CAM software system that improves sheet metal fabrication productivity and quality
  • Mastercam - machinists software for computer numerical controlled (CNC) machine tools
  • FeatureCAM - CAM system that combines automation with control for 2D and 3D milling, 5-axis simultaneous machining, high-speed milling, turning, turn/mill and live tooling
  • JobBOSS - Shop management and integrated control software


Below is a list of our equipment and capabilities all under our 11,000 square foot building!

PROGRAMMING:                                                                                                MACHINING:

-SOLIDWORKS                                                                               -HAAS VF-2B CNC MACHINE

-FABRIWIN AUTO UNFOLD                                    – HAAS SUPER MINIMILL CNC (NEW 2015)

-MASTER CAM                                                     -HAAS VF 4 – 2B CNC MACHINE (NEW 2015)

-FEATURE CAM                                                    -HAAS VF 2 – 2B CNC MACHINE (NEW 2015)

-JOBBOSS                                                                                – HAAS MINIMILL CNC MACHINE

-CADMAN                                                                                      -SPEEDY TAPPING MACHINE

INSPECTION:                                                                        – HURCO CNC LATHE (NEW 2017)

-AMADA FABRIVISION L FVL-D4848                                                                   HARDWARE:

-INSPECTION SYSTEM                                                           -(3) HAEGER 824 W/AUTO FEED

-TESA HITE MAGNA SYSTEM 32in                            –(3) HAEGER HPG-8 INSERTION PRESS

                                                                                            – (1)  HAEGER HPC-6 w/AUTO-FEED

PUNCHING:                                                                                                      FORMING:

-STRIPPIT 1000/20 XP11 (NEW 2015)                                        –  AMADA RG-8024 88 TON

-STRIPPIT 1000/30 W/AUTO INDEX                                                  – AMADA RG-5020 55 TON

-STRIPPIT FC1000XP (NEW 2018)                – ACCUPRESS  8 FT 130 TON 2 axis (New 2019)

-STRIPPIT SUPER 30                                       –  ACCUPRESS 4 FT. 25 TON 2 axis (New 2019)

-PRO NOTCH                                                                   –  ALLSTEEL 8FT. 60 TON CNC 99 BG

                                                                                      –  DRIES & KRUMP 6 FT. 65  CNC 99 BG

                                                                                                                   -DIARCO 4 FT. 17 TON

WELDING:                                                                                                     SPOTWELDING:

-THERMAL ARC 200 AC DC                                                   – AMADA ID40ST -SPOTWELDER

-THERMAL ARC 300 AC DC                                                 –    TAYLOR WINFIELD 75 KVA SW

-Millermatic 300 Mig


                                                                                                                        GRINDING & FINISHING:

SHEARING:                                                                         – 4” BURR  KING GRINDING WHEEL

-LVD STRIPPIT CS_06/31 10FT QT IN.                             -2” BURR KING GRINDING WHEEL

-HYDRAULIC SQUARING SHEAR (NEW 2016)                                   -AEM 37” BELT SANDER

-PECK STOW & WILCOX SHEAR                                    -PNEUMATIC BEADBLAST CABINET

-DOALL MODEL C 916 HORIZONTAL SAW                                               -STROKE SANDER

-POWERMATIC VERTICAL SAW                                                          -TIMESAVER (New 2018)




Here is just some of our many machines we use to Create your visionIMG_3825IMG_3805

IMG_2706IMG_3820IMG_3193img_2711precise industries equipment30776934_2204791212871865_1238355130_n30421969_2204793386204981_2090101126_nIMG_3804

precise industries equipment
precise industries equipment
New 2019 8 foot 130tons dual axis

precise industries equipment
New 2019 4 foot 25 ton
precise industries equipment
Machine Shop

precise industries equipment
Machine Shop
precise industries equipment
Punch Press

precise industries equipment
Inspection Department

precise industries equipment
Inspection Department